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Welcome to astrohow!

This site is meant to provide professional astronomers (teachers, research scientists, postdocs, and grad students) instructions about how to begin and execute basic research projects. This site will contain links to descriptions of
  • GettingStarted — the computer skills and tools that will help you start doing astronomy;
  • AstroTools — the basic mathematical and computational tools that are useful to astronomers (such as the Kolgorov-Smirnov test, or minimization routines);
  • ObservingPlans — the considerations that go into developing an observing plan, organized by wavelength;
  • DataReduction — how to carry out basic tasks (such as infrared photometry, or extracting X-ray spectra);
  • DataModeling — how to model data (such as generating synthetic stellar photometry or modeling the mass distribution of the Milky Way Galaxy);
  • DataPresentation? — how to write proposals and present data;
  • AstroFacilities? — facilities available to astronomers (such as infrared spectrographs, or automated optical telescopes);
  • AstroTopics — what goes into working in the different sub-fields of astronomy.
  • AstroObjects — objects by categories.
Our goal is to provide basic information that is not usually covered by the cookbooks that are first things given to someone starting a new project. We will describe things to look out for in doing your work, and help you evaluate how much detail you need to go into to make your project work. The outlines will be illustrated by snippets of code that users can adapt to their own needs.

Currently, the alpha version of this site is under development by Eran Ofek and Mike Muno. Once we have settled on a structure for the site, and placed our own knowledge on-line as a starting point, we will start a limited, invitation-only beta test with additional registered users. If that checks out, we will open registration to all astronomers.

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